Half-Orc Boy


AC 12
HP 16
STR 9 (-1) DEX 12 (1) CON 8 (-1) INT 9 (-1) WIS 14 (2) CHA 8 (-1)
Dagger: +1 to hit, 1d4 piercing damage


Augustine is a six-and-a-half year old half-orc boy with a human father and an orc mother. As orcs mature faster than humans, he is mentally older than he appears and is surprisingly articulate when conversing in his native tongue of Orcish, though his Common is also coming along nicely.

The party first came across Augustine shortly after arriving in the abandoned colony of Quarrwood – he was nearly feral, and had been surviving off a mixture of berries, cow milk and fish swimming in the shallows for what the party later estimated to be four years. Augustine believed he was the only survivor on the island in this time, and had continued to live in his father Dane’s dilapidated home. Augustine kept his father’s corpse close to comfort himself, and had kept himself sane by continuing to learn to read by poring over the many secretive love letters, written in Orcish, between Dane and Augustine’s mother Garasha.

Augustine decided to follow the party as they explored the island and despite the communication barrier he quickly took a shine to Lenore. As the party searched, they came across paintings of Garasha that Augustine still keeps in a small chest by his bunk on the Challenger, and a note in Orcish that was only recently translated by Aris, but greatly interested Augustine.

Augustine did not know where Garasha was, only that she had disappeared into the secret mines with his grandfather Gilas below the orc camp and had never returned. Augustine followed the party at a distance as they traversed the mines, and when he saw the black barrier dissipate he raced up to them, finally finding the body of his mother. He took an amulet from around her neck and put it on, tucking it under his tunic out of sight.

Since then he has taken on various roles to different party members – an adopted brother to Lenore, a “free slave boy” to Braddick and a guinea pig to practice Orcish with for Aris. Augustine carries a dagger that Lenore gave him for self-defence, and has continued his love of reading on the party’s travels.


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