Gary of Clan Nackle

Daxtix of Calwyn


Gary of Clan Nackle is a maternal uncle of Dimbo’s, one of many in his large and nebulous family. Gary came to the Wresting Sea at a young age, drawn by the expansive sea life. He found a home among the other gnomes and halflings in Linden, and his warm and jovial nature earned him many friends. He is known as a celebrity in Calwyn as his small army of marine animals have helped to repel many raiding parties from Grulum over recent years.

Dimbo kept in contact with Gary despite their rare meetings, and it was Gary that used his connections to find Dimbo work with the Emerald Enclave as a messenger. Gary does not have any children of his own, preferring to think of his aquatic companions as his young.

Gary of Clan Nackle

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