Fiova of Seranhil

Commander of the Silver Guard


The party first met Fiova in the abandoned colony of Quarrwood – she and a detachment of the Silver Guard had been sent there to investigate following reports of intruders on the island. Fiova listened to the story of the party, and then extended an invitation on behalf of the rulers of Mya Thalor to come to Alora.

On arrival in Alora, she heard from Rhogar that the Temple of Ilmater there required aid. She advised the party of the recent disappearances in the slums and her regret over her lack of influence over the situation, and asked the party to look into the matter, promising a reward in exchange for information.

She was pleased to hear of Joshel’s rescue, who she is friendly with. She has also mentioned that she is next in line to lead House Seranhil, and she prefers the company of women.

Fiova of Seranhil

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