Joshel of Tamrian

Heir to House Tamrian


Joshel is the young and cocky heir to the leadership of House Tamrian of Mya Thalor. The party first heard of him from Revered Father Cyriel, head of the Temple of Ilmater in Alora. His mother, Lady Mithara, had sent word out that Joshel’s griffon Meriel had returned from a hunt wounded and without her master, and she was willing to reward anyone that could return him safely.

Meriel pointed the group in the direction of Alora’s catacombs, where they chanced upon Joshel’s secret love Trax deep within. Trax helped the party to locate Joshel, where it seemed he was about to be the victim of some sort of ritual sacrifice performed by a renegade Priestess of Lolth. He was successfully rescued, and he would not keep Trax a secret anymore.

Lady Mithara rewarded the party handsomely for hi safe return, and following up the next day Dimbo aided Joshel in saving Meriel’s hatching egg. As a personal gift to his saviours, Joshel gave Meriel’s baby to Dimbo to look after, and linked his Stone of Sending with Aris to keep in touch. When the party last spoke with Joshel, he said he would be going up to Thyssari in the north of Mya Thalor with Trax to get away from the uppity nobility of Alora.

Joshel of Tamrian

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