Lady Shiane of Alora

Empress-Consort of Mya Thalor


Lady Shiane married into royalty only a few years before our adventure’s beginning just after her husband Emperor Arthan of Mya Thalor ascended to the throne, but she is settling into her role well. While the common folk believe Emperor Athran seems to be more content to lounge in his chambers or the Zen Gardens playing his lute, Lady Shiane is often seen around the noble district administrating the realm and appears to be the one who is really pulling the strings. She takes her role as the Spymaster of Mya Thalor seriously, and guards her secrets closely.

The party first met Lady Shiane when she dismissed a rather antagonistic steward that challenged Fiova’s trust in the group, and invited the party for tea in the Zen Gardens. There, she asked questions regarding their story so far, and finally revealed that she hoped they would help her following some troubling intelligence she had received. Shiane informed the party that she believes Hextilda Sweetfoot, the next Peony of Calwyn, is an agent of the Hivemind and is planning to murder the future Davtix Gary of Clan Nackle following their wedding and coronation. Lady Shiane requested that the party stop her by any means necessary – she said that as a member of the Hivemind, she cannot be reasoned with and only her death will ensure Davtix Gary’s safety.

Lady Shiane of Alora

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