Grulum has a complex history within the Wresting Sea, and is mildly hostile with its neighbours. Nobody is quite sure what exactly the population of the island is, but it appears to be somewhere between 150,000-200,000 comprised of orcs, goblins, half-ogres, gnolls, bugbears… if anything can be considered dangerous or misunderstood, it finds its way to Grulum. There are tribal holdings scattered all about the island, but its largest settlement by far is the city of Urzu.


Little is known regarding the history of Grulum. It has almost always been ruled through the strong challenging the weak and taking what they please – until High Chief Maganikh.

Maganikh was an orc that believed there could be a different way for his people, one where the Grulumites showed honour instead of fear, and were respected rather than feared. In 1433 DR he challenged the previous High Chief for the rulership of Grulum, and won his right to rule in the traditional way – single combat. A vocal percentage of his people objected to his vision, calling him soft and weak, though he ruled just shy of fifty years – unheard of in the history of Grulum. In that time, he established a public treasury from the loot plundered by his predecessors, kept as trophies.

With the treasury, he provided roads between the villages, hospitals, school houses, clean water, irrigation, public housing and security. For the first time, business came to Urzu as people were no longer terrified they would be pillaged and killed.

Sadly, High Chief Maganikh was found murdered in his chambers in 1482 DR, leaving no heir. His opposition saw that the leadership was weak and struck while the iron was hot, taking Grulum back into its old ways of isolating itself from the world, only leaving the island to raid others.


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