Mya Thalor

Mya Thalor is one of the largest and certainly the richest islands in the Wresting Sea. It has an approximate population of 200,000, predominantly composed of elves of all kinds, though other races have found a home there.


To the north of Mya Thalor is the renowned Thyssari – a treetop village of wood elves, surrounding a grand spirit tree that druids and rangers are often drawn to. Central to the island is the great city of Alora, where the majority of the inhabitants of Mya Thalor reside. Further south is the village of Lilion, which supplies Alora with much of its luxuries and food.


Alora is ruled first and foremost by the Emperor of Mya Thalor – currently Emperor Arthan. He is supported (though more often challenged) by the Council of Six, composed of a designated representative from each of the noble houses who speak for their sub-race:

House Gethlassan – Sun Elves
House Seranhil – Moon Elves
House Tamrian – Wood Elves
House Deyros – Aquatic Elves
House Elrand – Drow
House Valosa – Eladrin

A House can bring any issue they choose before the council, though more often than not it may end in a debate that leads nowhere. Should an issue garner enough momentum to proceed to a vote, then a Grand Assembly is called where any member of the nobility may come to watch the proceedings. Should there be a tie in any motions, the Emperor casts the deciding vote.


In the year -14,279 DR, a group of Drow were exploring uncharted areas of the Underdark – the massive underground cave network below the surface of Faerûn. A tunnel collapse caused passages to flood, driving the Drow surface-ward until they found safe refuge in what would go on to become Alora’s Waterfall Caves. Cut off from their brethren and with no way to return home without spending a significant amount of time in sunlight, the Drow decided to stay and build a life there. But life was hard – only able to forage for food and hunt at night, the Drow struggled to establish themselves. They found their salvation in the wood elves of Thyssari to the north. Rather than attempt to destroy surface life as their ancestors would have done, the Drow came to depend on trade and co-operation with these wood elves.

Not long after that, the Drow and wood elves stumbled upon aquatic elves building a settlement in the shallow reefs that would go on to become the Bay of Pearls. The communities found that by working together they became far stronger than war could have made them. Word began to spread of a bolstering commonwealth of elves, which attracted sun and moon elves from the first cities of the Sword Coast, bringing knowledge of society, industry and governance. However, it also attracted raiders from Grulum, seeking what little riches the elves had managed to obtain. The attack seemed it would be devastating – until Eladrin from the Feywild appeared as if from nowhere at just the right moment, halting the raid in its tracks, and choosing to stay to help protect the new city of elves.

The first monarch of Mya Thalor was chosen that day after distinguishing herself in the battle – Empress Alora, the child of a wood elf and Drow, married herself to a sun elf with a sun betrothed to a moon elf. She gave guardianship of certain aspects of Mya Thalor to each of the elves, elevating several families who had shown themselves to be trustworthy to nobility, and promised the people that House Alora would always choose a suitor from one of the Six Houses, ensuring the royalty contained the blood of all elves.

Mya Thalor

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